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Listen to Episode 5: Mrs. Miller

Listen to Episode 5: Mrs. Miller

ROGD mom and author of two novels plus one killer Substack

I’m excited to bring you one of the most eloquent and candid commentators I’ve found on the impact of gender ideology on the family system. In the ‘Before’ times, she published two novels, so the eloquence comes naturally.

Her candor is unusually revealing, sometimes self-critical, often darkly funny, and always honest. Because she uses a pseudonym [it’s less pseudonymous than I thought, as I learn in the recording], Mrs. Miller has the freedom to be as open and raw as she wants. That freedom is something I can’t indulge in since I use my real name, but that also gives me an excuse to write and speak in a manner that’s more guarded and detached, which is my comfort zone anyway.

Speaking with Mrs. Miller, I felt less guarded and detached than usual, though, and I liked it! I hope you enjoy the conversation too.

Read Mrs. Miller’s Substack for more.

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Conversations about the impacts of 'gender identity' ideology on the wellbeing of young people and families, from people with first-hand experience
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