UnMuted: the TransMuted Podcast
The One Where Gerald Posner, a Major-League Publishing MVP, Pitches an Inning in the Little League Game That Is UnMuted.

The One Where Gerald Posner, a Major-League Publishing MVP, Pitches an Inning in the Little League Game That Is UnMuted.

You've gotta hear it to believe it, Sports Fans!!

Here’s the text of my intro:

I’ve been thinking about queer theory, which is basically a repudiation of reality and a rejection of accepted social norms. Every time I’ve ever had to think about queer theory, it’s been in response to something ugly and downright crazy-making:

like watching Democrats fight to eradicate competitive sports for women;

or hearing anyone argue for rapists in women’s prisons;

knowing doctors are performing “Frankenstein” experiments on healthy bodies because patients are asking for them, while teachers and counselors are spreading unbelievably dark fictions to young children. All through the magic of queer theory.

(Last week I interviewed the daughter of a cattle rancher about sorority girls fighting each other in court over an odd boy pretending to be their sister. Thanks, queer theory!)

But it’s also true that in a healthy, predictable universe, a celebrated best-selling author doesn’t talk to a mom with an Etsy shop, nor do 700 smart readers care what she thinks about much of anything. If I’m being objective, I think I have to acknowledge this turn of events, which I quite like, as a downstream result of queer theory too. I’m not saying it balances the scale, just that it’s interesting to notice.

Gerald Posner is an investigative journalist with thirteen book credits including New York Times bestsellers like ‘Case Closed,’ which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for history. His latest book is the award-winning ‘Pharma: Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America,’ which became a six-part Showtime documentary last year.

His books cover topics that range from American foreign policy to corporate and organized crime, the JFK assassination, Hitler’s Third Reich and of course, Motown!

Gerald and his wife Trisha Posner, who is also a best-selling author, together publish the Substack “Just the Facts,” which is read by more than 5,000 subscribers.

And if all that isn’t impressive enough, today he scores an interview here on UnMuted!

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UnMuted: the TransMuted Podcast
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